Total System Solution



The Right Level of Control — Right Now.

All Rain Bird golf products are designed to make it easier for you to maintain exceptional playing conditions throughout your entire course — and it all starts with your central control. Choose a Rain Bird® Central Control system to intelligently manage your irrigation, and you’ll enjoy three critical benefits that other manufacturers don’t offer:


Every Rain Bird golf irrigation product is engineered with
timeless compatibility in mind, meaning your central control
will work with any existing Rain Bird products you’ve already
installed, as well as future Rain Bird technologies.


Only Rain Bird central control systems offer continuous two-way
communication throughout your system. By receiving data and
making instant adjustments when needed, it protects your course
from damage if a major issue ever occurs.



Intuitive Rain Bird central control systems make it easier to put
advanced data and leading-edge technology to work for your course,
from a guided startup with our QuickStart™ program to quick and easy
program building through QuickIRR™ programming.





Options to Fit Any Course.

With over 80 years of experience in the golf industry, we know that no two courses are the same. We offer flexible central control options that are compatible with any field control requirements, and work with you to find the solution that best fits your unique challenge.


Download the Central Control Comparaison Chart here.

Download the Central Control Brochure.





Rain Bird® MI Series


With Rain Bird® MI series software, you can control sprinklers, adjust programs, run
diagnostics, edit station and program details, and review system activity by accessing
your Rain Bird Central using any web-enabled tablet or smart phone. Use up to
nine devices simultaneously, and manage your central control to your needs.