Why Irrigation Specifiers Prefer the Rain Bird RWS Root Watering System

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Luis Lugo
Irrigation manager, Urban Area

Royal Łazienki Park , Poland

Right now many operations associated with adjusting irrigation are fully automatic, as the system uses the Global Weather features and optimizes irrigation intensity by itself.

Dudek-Grzegorzewska Małgorzata
Garden Department Manager

A tool like the Rain Bird Controller is as valuable to me as the players are to the Club!

SiteControl is a great tool, for two reasons. One, it takes care of complex watering requirements at the click of a mouse, and I know it will give me what a pitch needs, whether it proceeds to rain or whatever. Two, I can change things at a moment's notice, depending on the nature of the playing surface, or more likely, if a coach or player feels it's not quite right! And with that and ten pitches that we're renovating annually, let alone the challenge of working with limited water supplies, a tool like the Rain Bird Controller is as valuable to me as the players are to the Club!

Steve Braddock
Head Groundsman, Arsenal Training Grounds

Maximum installation flexibility

The ease of installation, the technical support from Rain Bird and especially the power and user-friendly layout of the SiteControl system made it an ideal choice for Panpeloponisiako Olympic Stadium. We have now begun to expand more stadiums in the complex and the decoder design and specifications of the system allow us the flexibility to make quick and easy connections to the central controller

Emmanuel Mathoudakis
Mathoudakis and Associates, Athens, Greece

European Football Cup in Portugal

I have worked with 8005 Series Rotors from Rain Bird since the installation of the new playing surface of Bessa Stadium (Boavista). The adjustment versatility as well as its simplicity makes this rotor unique in the irrigation market. I also consider that it provides even distribution over the entire radius of the sprinkler. The Dialog12 from Rain Bird that controls the irrigation has a water budget function that can be used to quickly regulate irrigation according to weather conditions, by changing the defined run times.

Miguel Câncio
Greenkeeper of Miramar Golf, is responsible for Boavista football field as an independent consultant for Viveiros do Falcão, maintenance company of the stadium