Terms of use

1. Information on the Publisher

Website Publisher - www.rainbird.eu: Rain Bird Europe
Publication Director: Rain Bird Europe
Webmaster: Rain Bird Europe

2. Credits

Website design and creation: Kangourouge
Hosting: Vixns

3. Copyright

This website ("the Website") is the property of the Publisher.
All content created or made available on the Website, including without limitation texts, graphics, photographs, illustrations and software, is the property of the Publisher, licensees and content providers.
Unless expressly provided otherwise in the present publication in relation to a specific file, document or excerpt, the Publisher hereby grants a right to view, memorize and reproduce copies of this publication for your personal needs.
However, you hereby agree to comply with the laws in effect on personal data, industrial protection, copyright, press and communication rights, as well as international treaties and agreements in that field and related fields.

Therefore, you agree to refrain from:
Fully or partially reproducing data or work protected by a copyright related to work or data reproduced for the purposes of a sale, distribution, issuance, publication or communication in any form whatsoever without the specific, prior, written authorization of the holders of copyrights related to the work or data reproduced;
Reusing any of the information for commercial or advertising purposes;
Introducing data on the Website that would or might change the content or appearance of data or work on the Website.
Copyright notices must be visible on each copy of the publication, whether the publication is used in whole or in part.
All rights related to the copyright are the property of the holder thereof.

3.1. Reproduction on Electronic Media

The reproduction of all or part of the Website on an electronic medium is authorized subject to the clear, legible indication of the source thereof (http://www.rainbird.eu), as well as the words "All rights reserved."

Information used must only be used for personal or professional purposes or for not-for-profit associations; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.

3.2. Creation of Links to www.rainbird.eu

The Website allows the insertion of a hypertext link leading to its content, excluding use of the deep linking technique; in other words, the Website (http://www.rainbird.eu) pages must not be embedded in pages of another website, but must be accessible by opening a window, with an indication of the source that, via the hypertext link, leads directly to the targeted content. Information used must only be used for personal or professional purposes or for not-for-profit associations; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.

N.B. : This authorization does not apply to websites that provide information of a controversial, pornographic or xenophobic nature or that, more broadly, are liable to offend a majority of people.
The Publisher declines all liability in relation to confidentiality practices and policies covering data on websites to which we may be connected via hypertext links, and we urge you to seek information on such practices and policies.

4. Scope of Content

The author of information contained on the Website is alone responsible for said content, and the Publisher will not in any way be held liable in that regard.
The Publisher provides no explicit or implicit warranty and declines any liability in relation to the use of the present publication.
The Publisher or a third party involved in the creation of the present website will not under any circumstances be held liable for direct or indirect special, consequential or incidental damage as regards a user or other party resulting from use of the present website or other site connected via a hyperlink, in particular loss of revenue, interruption in business, loss of software programs or other data contained in the user's information management system or other system, even if the Publisher has been expressly informed that such harm may occur. You are exclusively responsible for any risks related to your use of any other external website.
The Publisher provides no warranty as to the quality, accuracy, order or completeness of information and documents on the present website and has no duty to update this information.
Other documents are provided for information and the Publisher will not be held liable with regard to said documents.

5. Protection of Personal Data

No personal information is collected without your knowledge.
No personal information is provided to third parties.

In accordance with European laws on the protection of personal data, you have a right to access and correct your personal data, which right you may exercise by contacting:

Rain Bird Europe
Service Marketing
900 rue Ampère
13792 Aix en Provence cedex 3

5.1. Statistics

To access certain features, you may be asked for information such as your email address, contact details, etc.
This information, collected online, is exclusively for use by the Publisher and for non-commercial purposes. It is held for a 12-month period.
We reserve the right to disclose personal data if the law so requires, or if required to process claims.
First, this information enables the processing of your potential request and is used to establish the profile of users, customize the Website and adapt it to your specific interests.
As online forms are always completed voluntarily, you are free to refuse to complete an online form. However, if you choose not to complete such forms, some services will not be provided.

5.2. Connection Information

Information to connect to the Website (log files) is used only for website security (the identification of potential intrusions) and to estimate the overall number of visits to the Website (i.e. most sections viewed). This connection information is held for one year so that we can calculate annual statistics on the frequency of website visits, and the information is then destroyed.

5.3. Non-Persistent Cookies

- What is a cookie?
A "cookie" is a small block of data sent by a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive.

- Why do we use cookies?
The cookies we use do not enable us to identify you. They only enable us to memorize the characteristics of a user. This is important because we have subscribers who may navigate on both the public portion of the Website and the pay-for-use portion, which is only for those users. Cookies enable subscribers to move from one service to another without having to enter their password again.

- Our cookies are not persistent.
As soon as you leave the Website, the cookie we have created will disappear from your computer's hard drive.
Our objective is not to recognize your machine when you return on future visits.

- You can refuse cookies and you will still be able to access the Website.
By changing your browser's options, you can ask to be warned when a cookie is activated or refuse all cookies. If you choose the latter option, you will still be able to access the Website, but if you are a subscriber, you will not be able to browse as conveniently.

You may decline to accept cookies or be warned before accepting cookies by configuring your computer as follows:
Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. In "Tools", select "Internet Options".
2. Click the "Confidentiality" tab.
3. Select the level you want using the cursor or click the "Advanced" button to customize your management of cookies.

1. Choose the "Tool" > "Options" menu.
2. Click the "Privacy" option.
3. "Cookies" heading.

1. Choose the "Edit">"Preferences" option.
2. Click "Confidentiality & Security".
3. "Cookies" heading.

Netscape Communicator:
1. Choose the "Modify">"Preferences" menu.
2. Click the "Advanced" option.
3. "Cookies" heading.

Opera 6.0 and higher:
1. Choose the "File">"Preferences" menu.
2. Privacy.

5.4. Access rights.

You have a right to access and correct your personal data. To exercise this right, write to:

Rain Bird Europe
Service Marketing
900 rue Ampère
13792 Aix en Provence cedex 3

In accordance with our policy, this information is never transferred to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes. The Publisher contractually undertakes to ensure the strictest confidentiality of data provided, except by order of a court.

5.5. Communication Lists

Email addresses collected for the distribution list are only used to send occasional alerts.

6. Photo Credits

Copyright: Rain Bird Europe
Free of copyright: Rain Bird Europe

7. Concerns

If you believe that the Publisher has not complied with the above terms, please so inform us by letter sent to the following address:
Rain Bird Europe
Service Marketing
900 rue Ampère
13792 Aix en Provence cedex 3

We will identify and correct the problem.

8. Changes in the Terms and Conditions

The Publisher may at any time amend these terms and conditions by updating the Website. Such amendments are binding on you and we recommend you regularly visit the Website for information on the current terms and conditions.