Rain Bird Academy

 Be different, improve yourself, train yourself

RAIN BIRD continually designs and develops local training programs, as well as customized training sessions.

  • Initial training
  • Skills conservation
  • Additional training

RAIN BIRD Academy training sessions are offered throughout the year.

These irrigation and troubleshooting training sessions are offered to all installers, greens keepers, municipalities, maintenance companies, distributors, architectural landscapers and all other irrigation professionals.

This program allows you to get the most out of an irrigation system, to achieve the best level of irrigation in the least amount of time with respect to hydraulics and installation techniques, and to receive professional advice.
You will also learn how to set up your sprinkler system and how to quickly resolve any problems your sprinkler system may encounter: cabling problems, valves or controllers.

Through documentation, RAIN BIRD provides a description of the goals, content and length of each course.
Our training methods provide a learning experience based on theoretical learning followed by practical exercises.

All options are possible

Rain Bird develops custom training sessions or on-site company courses, with or without practical applications, specific requirements and “Consulting & Training” sessions.
The content of the sessions can therefore be modified depending on the objectives, the degree of technical abilities of the participants and the level of knowledge desired.