700/751 Series

Gear-Driven Rotors

Make the most of every rotor with new Rapid-Adjust Technology featuring MemoryArc.™ Available on new Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors, this innovative feature allows you to easily adjust watering on greens, fairways or roughs for unmatched versatility and precise control. Offering proven Rain Bird durability and distribution uniformity, these cost-efficient rotors are also backwardcompatible with existing Rain Bird rotor cases. Doing more when it matters most. That’s The Intelligent Use of Water.™

• Rotation Time:
– 700 Series: 360° in ≤ 180 seconds; 150 seconds nominally
– 751 Series: 180° in ≤ 90 seconds; 75 seconds nominally

• Inlet Threads:
– Models E, IC, S: 1.25" cm ACME Female Threaded
– Models B: 1" cm ACME Female Threaded

• Holdback:
– Block: 3.1 m of elevation
– SAM: 4.6 m of elevation

• Nozzle Trajectory: 25°

• Maximum Stream Height: 5.2 m

• Solenoid: 24 VAC solenoid power requirement: 0.41 amp inrush current (9.8 VA); 60 cycle: 0.25 amp holding current (6.0 VA); 50 cycle: 0.32 amp holding current (7.7 VA)

• Surge Resistance: Up to 20KV standard on electric models

• Top-Serviceable Rock Screen™ and Replaceable Valve Seat: On models 700E, IC, S and 751E, IC, S

– 700E: Electric
– 700IC: Integrated Control
– 700S: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM)
– 700B: Seal-A-Matic™ device

– 751E: Electric
– 751IC: Integrated Control
– 751S: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM)
– 751B: Seal-A-Matic™ device

• Radius:
– Rain Bird® 700 Series: 17.1 m to 24.1 m
– Rain Bird® 751 Series: 10.7 m to 22.9 m

• Flow rate:
– 700 Series: 3.70 to 9.95 m3/h
– 751 Series: 1.59 to 8.56 m3/h

• Arc:
– 700 Series: Full-circle 360°
– 751 Series: Full-circle 360°; Adjustable 30° to 345°

• Maximum Inlet Pressure:
– Models 700/751E and IC: 10.3 bars
– Models 700/751S and B: 6.9 bars
– Pressure Regulation Range: 4.1 to 6.9 bars
– Factory Pressure Settings: 700E/IC and 751E/IC : 4.8 bars

• Body Height:
– Models E, IC, S: 30.5 cm
– Models B: 24.5 cm

• Pop-Up Height to Mid-Nozzle:
– Models E, IC, S, B: 6.6 cm

• Top diameter:
– Models E, IC, S: 15.9 cm
– Models B: 10.8 cm


The EAGLE's Tail is designed to irrigate areas behind part-circle rotors installed on greens. They are also ideal for situations where the rotor is offset from the edge of a lake, stream, or slope. In certain instances, part-circle EAGLE rotors equipped with the EAGLE's Tail have replaced full-circle rotors on fairways, which allows the superintendent to minimize the amount of water required and not water native grasses in perimeter areas.

What’s Included
• Nozzle Housing for 550, or 950, equipped with EAGLE's Tail nozzle
• 751 all needed is removing plug and insertingTail Nozzle
• Housing cover
• Retract seal (round ring at top of nozzle housing)
• 2 O-rings for the screws
• Instruction Card

Description: Part No.
750/751 Spreader Nozzle - Mid-range (Blue): 211562
750/751 Spreader Nozzle - Mid-range (Black): 211417
750/751 Spreader Nozzle - Mid-range (Black) w/diffuser: 211452
RAIN BIRD 751E rotor with tail nozzle pre-installed GRC:161740T6


NOTE: 1/ Recommended for use on sites experiencing continuous high wind conditions of 6.5 km/h or more. 2/ For best results, it is recommended to use rotors in triangular spacing. 3/ The range and flow data is from zero-wind condition only. Users should apply their experience and judgement to reduce the range of throw and space the rotors suitably according to the local wind conditions.

The GBS25 solenoid is standard onto all electrical models and introduces several new product improvements and features:
· Industry leading surge resistance of 25kV
· Captured plunger
· Built-in filtration for a 2nd level of debris prevention
· Reduction to minimum operating voltage
· New body design eliminating the GBS thread adapter
· ¾” overall shorter length
· Wire capture ports


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