• Combines filltration and pressure regulation in one unit for protection of downstream components in a drip irrigation system.
  • The new pressure regulated basket filter reduces the number of components in a control zone, making it smaller and easier to install.


Easy Installation and maintenance:

  • Threaded top makes it easy to remove and clean the stainless steel screen.
  • “No spill” feature ensures that the dirt does not fall out of the basket filter element when you remove the screen for cleaning.
  • Combination unit reduces the number of connections, making installation easier and saving time.

IPRB100 : 1” pressure regulated Basket filter
QKCHK-200m: 75 micron screen

  • Pressure: 1 to 10,3 bar
  • Flow: 681 to 4542 l/h
  • Temperature: Up to 66°c
  • Regulated pressure: 2,8 bar

Length: 17,5 cm
Width: 8,8 cm
Height: 15,5 cm

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