3/4’’ and 1’’ control Zone Start-Up Kits


Control Zone Kits provide all of the components necessary to control flow, pressure and filtration for a low volume irrigation zone.
These convenient kits provide automatic control of a drip irrigation zone when connected to an irrigation controller (230V or battery-powered controller)
These control zone kits are available with pre-installed latching solenoid to work with battery-powered controllers.


  • Includes a valve and a pressure regulating (RBY filter or PRB Filter)
  • Simplest control zone kit in the industry with the fewest parts for easy installation and reduced maintenance.
  • Shorter kits with less components means that you can fit more control zone kits in a valve box.


Most reliable control zone kits on the market with proven Low flow valve, DV or PGA valve and fewer threaded connections which mean less chance of a leak both at installation and over the life of the system.

XCZ-075-PRF: 3/4” DV drip valve+ 3/4” pressure regulating RBY filter ( Outlet pressure:2,0 bar-screen:75 micron)
XCZ-100-PRF: 1”DV valve + 1”pressure regulating RBY filter(Outlet pressure 2,8 bar-screen: 75 micron)
IXZ-100-LC: 1” PGA valve + 1”Basket filter with integrated Pressure regulator (Outlet pressure :2,8 bar-screen:75 micron)
ICZ-075-TBOS: 3/4” DV drip valve with latching solenoid+3/4'' Pressure regulating RBY filter ( Outlet pressure :2,0 bar-screen 75 micron)
IXZ-100-TBOS: 1” DV valve with latching Solenoid + 1” pressure regulating RBY filter ( Outlet pressure 2,8 bar-Screen:75 micron)

Pressure: 1,0 to 10,3 bars
Flow: 3/4” units with LF: 45,4 to 1136 liters/hour
1” units with DV: 681 to 3407 liters/hour
1” units with PGA:681 to 4524 liters/hour
Filtration: 75 microns
Regulated pressure: 2,0 bar (3/4”) or 2,8 bar (1”)

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