World wide battery operated leader for green urban areas.
  • The TBOS battery-operated line of buriable controllers allows the use of automatic irrigation in the absence of AC power
  • Rugged case, inside valve box installation, and separation of the transmitter from the control module avoid vandalism and tampering with your programs
  • IP-68 rated waterproof case assures reliable operation under water and safeguards your investment
  • TBOS, TBOS-II and TBOS-BT control modules are centralizable on IQ software

Four systems in one:

Bluetooth Transmission

Program your TBOS-BT module from the Rain Bird app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and transmit it to the controller via bluetooth connection.

Infrared Transmission

Program the TBOS Field Transmitter just as you would do for any other rain bird controllers. Then transmit the program via infrared connection to TBOS, TBOS-II  or TBOS-BT Control Modules.

Radio Transmission

The concept is the same. The only difference is that program transmission is by radio. A TBOS Radio Adaptor is installed on each Control Module and program transmission is carried out thru radio. This radio version was developed as an anti vandal system to prevent vandals from finding out the location of controllers or valves. You can transmit or monitor irrigation programs without opening the valve box.

You ask for more distance?
One TBOS Radio Relay can be added between Field Transmitter and Radio Adapter to increase radio transmission range. TBOS Radio Relay will act as a repeater and will carry out information, out of the Field Transmitter radio range.

Remote Transmission

The new TBOS System allows remote central control of the Control Modules via radio communication (free ISM band).  All you need is an IQ Satellite (ESP-LXD or ESP-LXME) equipped with an IQ TBOS Master Radio Module.
Built your own radio network using IQ TBOS Master Radio Modules and up to 15 TBOS Radio Relays.

When centralized on IQ Software, TBOS Control Modules can benefit of additional features and all flow sensing utilities from IQ.

IQ software is the first modular Central Control System allowing centralization of traditionally wired 24V controllers (ESP-LXME), Decoder Controllers (ESP-LXD) and battery-operated controllers on the same software.

  • 1-station  Control Module
  • 2-station  Control Module 
  • 4-station  Control Module 
  • 6-station  Control Module 
  • TBOS Field Transmitter
  • TBOS Radio Adapter


  • No loss of irrigation program after a battery replacement (Field Transmitter connection is only necessary to set the correct date and time)
  •  In conjunction with IQ Cloud, Sensor Connection accommodates Dry Contact sensor (rain) or Pulse Dry Contact Flow sensor.
  •  Master Valve/Pump wire connector on 2-, 4- or 6-station Control modules.


  • TBOS-IITM Field Transmitter required for programming TBos II modules
  • TBOS-BT requires a smartphone (iOS or Android) for programming or TBos II field transmitter
  • Three programs: A, B, C
  • Sequential station operation within a program.
  • Maximum wire run between module and TBOS™ solenoid is 10 m using 0.75 mm2 wire or 30 m using 1.5 mm2 wire
  •  Compatible with TBOS-IITM Radio Adaptor.
  •  Equipped with TBOS-II Radio Adaptor, TBOSTM
  • Control Module will offer new TBOS-IITM
  • Features.


  • Basic programming includes 3 independent programs A,B and C, each with 8 start times per day.
  •  Five cycle modes (Customized cycle, even, odd, odd-31, cyclical) selectable by program for maximum flexibility and watering restriction compliance.
  • Independent station operation allows sequential start times (with stack process in case of overlapping)
  • Stations can be assigned to several programs with different watering run time.
  • Run time is from 1 minute to 12 hours in 1-minute increments.
  •  Rain Delay from 1 to 14 days (even if connected by infrared on a TBOS Control module)
  •  Program level and global Monthly Seasonal Adjust (cumulative); 0% to 300% (1% increment)
  •  Master valve and Rain Sensor can be affected to each station individually (on TBOS-II Control Module 2, 4 and 6 only)
  • A TBOS Backup program may be saved and restored (manually or automatically) in the Control Module.

Controle Module:

Height: 13.0 cm
Width: 9.5 cm
Depth: 5.3 cm

Radio Adapter:

Height: 13.0 cm
Width: 9.5 cm
Depth: 5.3 cm

TBOS Field Transmitter:

Height: 16.0 cm
Width: 7.0 cm
Depth: 3.0 cm
Weight: 250 g


  • Latching type solenoid. The TBOS™ Control Module activates the solenoid to open and close the valve
  • Filter included
  • Two 0.75 mm² wires are supplied: 60 cm long
  • Works only with Rain Bird valves: JTV, DV, PGA, PEB and BPE Series
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Manual opening of Rain Bird valves with 1/4-turn of solenoid

TBOS™ Latching Solenoid

Rain Sensor

The RSD Series Rain Sensor is a rain sensor device suitable for residential and commercial applications. it saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.


  • Works with all 24 VAC controllers and TBOS™ , WP products
  • Multiple user-set rainfall settings from 3.2 to 20 mm are quick and easy with just the twist of a dial
  • Adjustable vent ring helps control drying time
  • High-grade, UV resistant polymer body resists the elements
  • Rugged aluminum bracket and arm extend a full 15.2 cm
  • 7.6 m of UV resistant extension wire off er an easy connection to irrigation controllers


  • Not recommended for use with high voltage circuits or devices
  • Switch electrical rating: 3A @ 125/250 VAC
  • Capacity: electrical rating suitable for use with up to three 24 VAC, 7 VA solenoid valves per station, plus one master valve
  • Includes 7.6 m conductor extension wire (2 x 0.5mm²)

Length: 16.5 cm
height: 13.7 cm


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