SiteControl and Maxicom² Satellites

The ESP Series Controller is the most versatile satellite controller yet.

The ESP-SAT is the field controller for Maxicom² or SiteControl central control systems. Maxicom² requires a Cluster Control Unit (CCU) to serve as an interface between the central computer and ESP-SAT Series Controllers.

The ESP-SITE controller is the Maxicom² satellite combining the capabilities of the Cluster Control Unit (CCU) with all the power of an ESP Series Controller.


  • 12-hour watering duration for any or all stations to aid in drip compatibility.
  • Operates up to 40 stations.
  • Communicates with central controller via hardwire, telephone or GSM.
  • Four programs with eight start times each allow mixed irrigation applications in a single controller.
  • Twomastervalve terminals, oneprogrammable by station, provide better control.
  • Programs can overlap to maximize hydraulic capacity and minimize watering time.
  • 365-day calendar with leap year intelligence for one-time date and time setting
  • Event day off option to set any day of the month as a non-watering day for all programs.
  • Programmable rain delay enables system to stay off for specified period with auto-restart.
  • Water budget byprogram provides adjustments from 0-300% in 1% increments.
  • Cycle+Soak™ by station allows total irrigation run time to be split into usable cycles, minimizing run-off.
  • Manual watering by station or program.
  • Sensor override switch with LED to indicate when irrigation is suspended.
  • Non-volatile, 100-year memory holds program, date, and time during power outages.
  • Automatic fault indication identifies electrical shorts, skips shorted stations, and continues watering remaining program.
  • Quick-connect terminal strip speeds installation.
  • Battery-programmable controller allows for programming prior to installation.

ESP-Site Specific Features

  • Combines the function of a Cluster Control Unit (CCU) with an ESP-SAT Controller.
  • Stores and executes schedule instructions from the central controller.
  • Includes 2 sensor inputs.

Cluster Control Unit Features

Maxicom²® cluster control Units (CCU) serve as an interface between the central controller and ESP-SAT Series on the Maxicom²® System. The CCU allows control of hundreds of sites from one central controller.

  • CCU operates up to 6 or 28 satellites, pulse decoders, or sensor decoders.
  • Stores and executes schedule instructions from the central computer.
  • Computer to CCU communication options: telephone modem, GSM modem or direct connection.


ESP-24SITE-W: 24 stations
ESP-40SITE-W: 40 stations
ESP-24-SAT-TW-WM: 24 stations
ESP-40-SAT-TW-WM: 40 stations
CCU-6-WM: 6-channel filed Cluster Control Unit
CCU-28-WM: 28-channel filed Cluster Control Unit


  • Station timing: A, B, C, D: 0 to 2 hours in 1-minute increments; 2 to 12 hours in 10-minute increments.
  • Automatic starts: 32 starts total, eight per program per day.
  • Programming schedule:
    • Odd day watering per program
    • Even day watering per program
    • Cyclical: 1 to 99 days, variable per program
    • Custom day-of-the-week by program
  • Test program: Variable 1 to 99 minutes​.


  • Input required: 230 VAC± 10%, 50Hz.
  • Output 26.5 VAC, 2.5A.
  • Station load capacity: Up to two 24 VAC, 7VA solenoid valves per station plus a master valve or pump start relay.
  • Diagnostic circuit breaker skips and indicates stations with overloaded circuits.
  • Battery backup: 9VDC, NiCad rechargeable for programming under battery power and for maintaining active program-in-progress during a power outage.
  • Heavy-duty electrical surge protection.

(ESP and CCU)
Width: 28,7 cm
Height: 29,2 cm
Depth: 16,5 cm

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