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Starwood is a large, master-planned community in Frisco, Texas. The common area consists of two million square feet of lush shrubbery, trees, and mature vegetation. The homeowners association (HOA) is responsible for maintaining the common areas. Precision Landscape Management provides landscaping maintenance and irrigation system management for the HOA.

The existing irrigation control system, installed in the late 1990s, became unreliable and costly to maintain due to its age. With help from Precision Landscape Management, the HOA investigated various central control systems that could utilize some of their existing equipment and would allow for expansion of both system features and zones over time. After comparing the features and costs of competitive systems, the HOA chose the IQ™ v2.0 Central Control system because its flexible, modular design allowed the HOA to purchase only the features it needed and easily upgrade in the future when more budget dollars were available.

IQ has allowed Precision Landscape Management to better manage the HOA’s water usage and reduce overall expenses. Precision can access IQ from their office or via laptops when at the site. One irrigation technician relies on IQ’s daily reports and flow alarms to pinpoint problems. Repairs can be made efficiently, and unnecessary travel to the site is prevented.
In addition, an onsite WS-PRO II Weather Station sends weather data to IQ on a daily basis, and irrigation schedules are automatically adjusted. This saves time managing the irrigation schedule and ensures that only the precise amount of water necessary is used based on weather conditions. WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors are also used to stop irrigation cycles during rainy or freezing weather.
“The IQ system has allowed us to much more efficiently manage the HOA’s water usage and save on our labor costs as well,” said Dale Boroff, irrigation director for Precision Landscape Management. “The return on the system is only about three to four years. This system is very easy to configure and a dream to maintain.” Remote system management and IQ’s robust set of water management features have been critical to Precision Landscape Management’s success at gaining better control over Starwood’s irrigation system, and has helped the HOA reduce water use and operating costs.

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