Introducing ICI+

One Interface

Expansive Capabilities


The Industry's Only Integrated Course Control

From the leader in golf course irrigation comes another game-changing innovation. With Rain Bird’s Integrated Control Interface Plus (ICI+) and ICI+LINK, you can bring the intelligent IC System™, Two-Wire Satellites and LINK™ (wireless) Satellites all onto the same interface.



"With the Rain Bird ICI+, I was able to get the latest technology without going through a major renovation, saving me considerable time and money."

Ian McQueen, Golf Course and Property Manager | St. George's Golf and Country Club



Get the Latest Technology On Your Satellite Course

Rain Bird ICI+ and ICI+LINK open up new and less disruptive ways to renovate or expand your course with the IC System. Add IC Rotors and Valves, as well as IC CONNECT™, by updating your satellite interface boards and tapping into your existing MAXI™ Cable.



Complete Control in One Interface

An Easier Way to Upgrade

Unmatched Wireless Capabilities

Manage Rain Bird Two-Wire Satellites LINK Satellites, IC System or any combination of all three from one interface.Extend the life of your current system and get the latest in irrigation technology without a complete overhaul.Get greater design flexibility without communication wires and license requirements with ICI+ LINK.


ICI+ Diagram



ICI+ Panel Animation 1PAR+ES

ICI+ is compatible with Rain Bird MSC+, PAR+ and PAR+ES Satellites. To add the IC System, simply update your current satellite boards with the IFX Satellite Board*.

*IFX Satellite Boards required for hybrid IC/satellite and is standard in all new PAR+ES Satellites.








Image result for rain bird integrated control module

IC Rotors and Valves

With an Integrated Control Module (ICM) built into every IC Rotor and Valve, the Rain Bird IC System gives you unrivaled two-way communication anywhere on your course.

•Up to 90% less wire

•Test over 1,000 stations in 45 seconds

•Add components wherever there is MAXI Cable




Image result for rain bird ic rotors and valvesIC CONNECT

Manage integrated control sensor inputs to collect information from your course and turn non-irrigation products on and off with Rain Bird IC CONNECT.

•Collect Information from flow and lake level sensors or rain cans

•Centralize ON and OFF controls for transfer pups, greens fans, lighting, fountains and water features





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