Pump station renovation

Renovation or Extension: Your pumping station is the heart of your irrigation system

Rain Bird was the first company to develop variable speed pump stations dedicated to irrigation.
Today hundreds of prestigious sites around the world benefit from the reliability of Rain Bird Vertical or submersible Pump Stations. Rain Bird Pump Stations are built at our facilities in Sweden using the highest quality components and are designed specifically for your irrigation needs.

Easy to install and operate

When you install Rain Bird quality and reliability, you install Confidence. All Rain Bird Pump Stations undergo rigorous quality testing during manufacturing. This includes operating the completely assembled Pump Station at its designed capacity to ensure that it’s fully water tested and calibrated.
Rain Bird pre-assembled Pump Stations are extremely easy to install and operate.

Remote control from your PC for a real-time communication

Helpful Tools

Renovation Tips Brochure

The Rain Bird Sweden Pump Manager software offers the possibility to remotely control the Pump Station from a PC. Direct and real-time communication between the Pump Station and the Irrigation Central optimizes the irrigation cycle by adjusting flow demand according to actual field conditions. Users insure better management in less time.

Rain Bird pumping stations use VFD variable frequency drive technology. The VFD pump series maintain a constant pressure under variable flow conditions.
Variable frequency allows smooth, automated pump station start-up and shut-down, and almost vibration-free operation.

What benefits can be expected?

You save energy and your pumping station operates more smoothly and without water-hammer.
Rain Bird also uses very high efficiency pumps – up to 80%.This results in extremely low energy consumption and reduced long-term maintenance costs.

The Pump Manager software that comes with your pumping station, offers the possibility of remotely controlling the pump station from your computer.

The Smart Pump™ function available with the MAXIâ golf course control systems ensures the link between your pump station and the Irrigation Central Control system. Smart Pump™ controls and displays the actual and estimated flow rates.


What benefits can be expected?

Direct, real time communication between the pump station and the central system optimizes the irrigation cycle by adjusting the flow rate demand to the actual conditions measured at the pumping station in the field.

Only a Rain Bird system, incorporating all the irrigation equipment from the pump to the sprinkler heads allows such a level of interaction and fast response time.

Rain Bird assembles pump stations in Sweden that are specifically developed for the golf market. From 30 to 600 m3/h, each station is individually sized, designed and tested to ensure optimum operation.