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Rain Bird

Cable & Connections

Rain Bird Cable


  • Solid bare copper conductors.
  • Core insulation : 0,7 mm Polyethylene (Red and Black).
  • Blue Polyethylene Outer Sheath.
  • European standard : CEI 60502-1.
  • Cable approved by Rain Bird for all Control System types : MDC2, Go™, Stratus™ LT, Stratus™ II, Nimbus™ II, Cirrus™.
  • Number of conductors, cross section: 2 x 2,5 mm².
  • Maximum current*:
    • Buried : 46 A,
    • Open air : 33.
  • U (cos j = 0,8): 14,8 V/A/km.
  • Outside Ø: mini 9,5 mm. maxi 11,5 mm.
  • Weight: 162 kg/km.

* Based on ambient temperature of 20°C for buried cable or 30°C for cable in the open air or always carrying power.

DB Series Wire Connector

Connections Made Easy

Install Faster

When your installation crew is making countless wire connections on a jobsite, why slow them down with unnecessary work steps?
Using Rain Bird’s DB Series Wire Connector they get the job done faster. Unlike other connectors on the market with multiple pieces, our connector consists of only one piece. That means no loose parts that can get lost and no time wasted on assembling wire connector parts or managing wire cap/connector inventories.

Reduce Inventory

This is the only wire connector you’ll need!

  • It is ideal for use on two wire decoder control systems.
  • Use for standard controllers, valve boxes and soil moisture sensors.
  • Wire combinations ranging from 22ga to 6ga.
  • Use on connections from 24 VAC to 600 VAC.
  • UL 486D certified for direct burial.

Avoid Call Backs

Locating and repairing a corroded wire splice costs your business time and money. Avoid unnecessary service call backs. Use the Rain Bird DB Series Wire Connector for reliable connections.

  • The Strain Relief ensures wires are secure and won’t pull apart.
  • Waterproof silicone grease protects against corrosion.
  • UV- material ensures product performance does not degrade even after long periods of exposure to sunlight.

UV Protection Matters:

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage unprotected plastic while in the cargo bed of your crew pickup truck. Although many brands offer UL certified products, Rain Bird is the only brand to also offer UV protection. The results of UV testing show the difference. Exposed to an equivalent period and intensity of UV, the competitive direct bury connector cracked. Demand UV protection in your wire connector!


Direct Bury Wire Connectors

  • Used for electrical connections in low voltage installations (< 30V)
  • One unique reference, up to 3 wires sized 6mm2
  • Waterproof


Ease of Use

  • Connect solid or stranded copper wire
  • Transparent body – Help to check if electrical connections are correctly made


  • The DBR/Y-6 kit includes a Performance Plus Wire Connector (R/Y+) and a high impact, UVresistant polypropylene tube prefilled with moisture-resistant grease


Maximum wire voltage: 30V


DBR/Y-6 kit

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